A Bridge Restores Teeth Lost in One Area

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If you have lost multiple teeth in one area of your mouth, then you understand how it has compromised your ability to chew food and might even influence your speech. Of equal concern, if you don’t restore the structure in that part of your mouth the surrounding teeth will start to move toward the void. This can lead to alignment issues and even more compromised function in your mouth.

In a situation like this, you should talk to your dentist about being fitted for a bridge. This piece of dental work effectively replaces the lost teeth with one solid unit that is anchored in place by a pair of crowns. The bridge mimics the appearance of natural teeth, while restoring the structure and function of your lost teeth.

Being fitted for a bridge requires two separate procedures. During the first appointment the dentist creates a pair of abutments on the two closest teeth, by removing the majority of enamel. These abutments will later anchor the bridge firmly in place.

They will then take an impression of the area, including your bite pattern. This is sent to a laboratory that creates your permanent bridge. At the end of the procedure they cover the abutments with a pair of temporary crowns, meant to protect them in the interim.

At a brief second appointment your dentist will remove the temporary crowns and cements your new permanent bridge in place.

If you are missing two or more teeth in one part of your mouth, or you have questions about a bridge, please feel free to call us at 209-667-7889 to schedule an appointment.