Assembling Your Dental First Aid Kit

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First aid kits can be found just about everywhere. Schools have them, your workplace probably has one or more first aid kits. And you should have a one at home. And even if you do have a kit at home, have you thought about what you would do if you had a dental emergency? It’s entirely possible that at some point, you will need first aid for your teeth and mouth, just as you would for a cut, bruise, or a broken bone.

Dental cement and temporary filling material can be found in most stores. Dental cement can hold a loose crown in place and can be used as a replacement for a lost filling. Dental wax can ease the discomfort of a chipped or broken tooth, or a stray wire from your braces.

You should also include gauze which can be used to stop bleeding in your mouth. A moist tea bag is also effective. A topical pain reliever, an over-the-counter pain medication, or clove oil are also good additions. A toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and or toothpicks, a dental mirror, tweezers and examination gloves and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide should round out your basic dental first aid kit.

If you sustain an injury to your teeth or mouth, your dental first aid kit will certainly be of help. But remember, it’s purpose is to stabilize the situation until you are able to get in to see your dentist. First aid is just that, first aid. It’s no substitute for a dentist’s care. Fortunately, our dentist, Dr. Robert A. McCulla at Turlock Dental Care in Turlock, California can help you if a dental emergency strikes. To reach our office in an emergency, or to schedule an appointment for a checkup or another procedure, call us at 209-667-7889.