Why You Shouldn’t Dread Going To The Dentist

gentle dentist Countless people see their stress levels rise as they anticipate an upcoming dental appointment. It's so common there's a term for it: dental anxiety. But a calm and comfortable atmosphere, as well as a focus on patient communication, can often be the best answer to this sort of stress. This is what we offer at Turlock Dental Care in Turlock CA can help even severe cases get the dental care they deserve. Some people get so concerned at the thought of a dental checkup that they'll put it off for months, even years. In severe cases, they'll avoid the dentist completely, and trust to daily flossing and brushing to keep their teeth and gums in good shape. We'll never discourage regular flossing and brushing, but skipping the dentist is never a good idea. No matter how good a job you do with dental hygiene, even if it's brushing after every meal and right before bed, it is no substitute for a dental checkup. But we understand how difficult it is, for whatever reason, for some people to get themselves to our office. Our unique, patient-centered approach has helped hundreds of people get through their appointments.

We pride ourselves in three calming, anxiety-reducing factors:

Patient Communication: Most fear stems from ignorance. With our direct approach, you'll have all the information about your procedure communicated to you in simple terms. This way, you can choose which treatments you are comfortable. Topical Anesthesia: Over the last few decades, local anesthetics have become incredibly effective at numbing pain. This, combined with a dental team that is ready to coach you through your treatment, means you are in safe, pain-free hands. Patient Amenities: Whether you need a glass of water, a re-explanation of a procedure, or even calming music, we are at your service. We will strive to make this appointment as close to a spa experience as possible! Never take the chance of compromising your dental health by skipping the dentist. Turlock Dental Care in Turlock CA can help you overcome your dental phobia. Patients from Modesto, Patterson, and Oakdale rely on us for general and restorative dentistry. Contact us today!

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Our Patients Say

This place is great! State of the art equipment. Friendly staff and they have cookies! ?? Fresh ones!

Vanessa P

I have finally found a dentist/hygienist that I feel comfortable with. I was there today and felt relaxed the entire time and am actually looking forward to going back for more dental work. Weird, but true.

Carol S

I came in and I felt so welcomed with the lady I met up front. The assistant and hygienist was so amazing and made me feel so comfortable. And then the dr he was awesome I will definitely make this my new home!


The staff here is always happy to help me with my questions and concerns.

Evan C.

Wow what a great place: treated like a queen Staff are friendly and genuine care about my health.

Noreen S.

What a warm and professional office. It really shows that they care a great deal for their patients. Dr.McCulla is wonderful and has an amazing chairside manner.

Charlene T

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