At Turlock Dental Care, we are pleased to utilize the latest dental technology to help you feel comforted and safe at our dental office.

Our dental team currently uses digital x-rays for both our benefit and yours. This machine is known to use less radiation than traditional x-rays and does not require the use of a dark room. When the images are taken, they are sent directly to Dr. Robert A. McCulla’s computer and they are available immediately. This gives your dentist the chance to closely zoom in on a crystal clear picture and see any small dental issues. This also gives your dentist the ability to electronically send the images to another doctor if it is needed. This way, no time is lost and you can receive your needed treatment right away.

This machine also has an enhanced application that is called subtraction radiography. This application allows your dentist to see any differences between your new x-ray and your old x-ray. When the machine is commanded to compare the two images, it takes any element out of the picture that is the same. Now your dentist can identify any changes your oral cavity has made over time, even if they are big or small.

If you would like to know more about digital x-rays in Turlock, California, we are happy to talk with you. Just give us a call!