How to Avoid Triggering Canker Sores

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While canker sores are rarely serious, they can cause significant discomfort that disrupts your focus. Canker sores are small and shallow oral ulcers that develop in the soft tissues, such as right on the inner lips. They are usually unexpected and last for days before they heal. You can take steps to prevent canker sores by understanding their triggers.

Here are five common canker sore triggers to beware of:

– Stress, which weakens the immune system and allows canker sores to easily develop and cause irritation
– Tissue injury occurring from cuts or scrapes inside your oral cavity, often as a result of biting your cheek, that can develop into canker sores
– Foods that have a high concentration in acidity, including pineapples, lemons, strawberries, tomatoes and sour candies can lead to canker sores
– Dental appliances such as braces or ill-fitting dentures that irritate the mouth and result in canker sores from the friction
– Sickness that increases the risk of canker sores, such as an infection in the body

Knowing what could be your canker sore triggers makes them much easier to avoid. We encourage you to take steps such as limiting your intake of problematic foods, placing dental wax on braces that are irritating your mouth and practicing techniques that reduce stress. If you are still affected by frequent canker sores, you may need to change your oral care routine by brushing your oral tissues with a soft-bristled toothbrush, looking for toothpaste that has no sodium lauryl sulfate and using salt water to rinse your mouth.

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