How to Help Your Child Stop Sucking on Their Thumb

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The thumbsucking habit is extremely dangerous for your child’s smile. It tends to warp the growth of the mouth as well as make the teeth grow into place in a crooked and misaligned manner. If you want your child to grow into the strong, healthy, and functional smile they deserve, it’s best that you keep them from sucking their thumb. To help you do so, our team at Turlock Dental Care recommends doing the following things:

· Praise your child when they decide not to suck on their thumb. This will help them feel accomplished and successful.
· Try to correct the cause of the anxiety that is making your child suck their thumb. Do your best to comfort your child and give them a feeling of safety and protection.
· Talk to your child and come up with a plan of stopping the habit. To make things exciting, you can come up with a reward if your child goes a certain amount of time without sucking on their thumb.
· Have your dentist explain why thumbsucking is so dangerous for the smile. Once your child hears the consequences related to it, it might encourage them to stop.
· Wrap the thumb in a bandage or sock at night to keep your child from sucking on it.
· Ask your dentist or family doctor for a bitter medication to put over the thumb. If this medication is coated on the surface of the thumb, your child will not like the taste.

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