Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency can occur at virtually any time, regardless of how well you take care of your smile. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for many of these emergencies to leave a patient in severe pain and discomfort. Turlock Dental Care is equipped to handle your family’s dental emergencies. Our flexible scheduling and same-day appointments make it easy for patients to be seen promptly. We know finding a Turlock Dentist in an emergency can be stressful, and our patients know they are in the very best hands when they visit our office. Let Turlock Dental Care help ease your pain, and get you feeling healthy again with our emergency dentistry services.

Do you need an emergency dentist in Turlock, CA?


A dental emergency can occur at virtually any time, regardless of how well you take care of your smile. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for many of these emergencies to leave a patient in severe pain and discomfort. For this reason, you’ll want to consider coming in for treatment as soon as you notice there’s a problem. We offer treatment in a relaxed, highly comfortable setting for patients of all ages.

Why do you need treatment for a Dental Emergency?


A dental emergency can get worse in a short period of time without proper treatment. Something that would be considered more minor can escalate to where it is a real issue. In some cases, infections may occur and need treatment alongside the actual emergency that you’re dealing with at the moment. This is why we recommend quick, adequate treatment as soon as possible.

What are some of the more common Dental Emergencies?


We see a number of different dental emergencies on any given day. For this reason, we recommend coming in to be seen whenever you notice something is wrong. Some of the more common emergencies include,


• Severe toothache and pain
• Abscessing and infections
• Broken or cracked teeth
• Lost fillings, crowns or bridge work
• Broken or lost appliances (dentures, night guards)

What can be expected while undergoing Dental Emergency treatment?


The first thing we’ll do is to ask you about the problem you’re currently experiencing. This allows us to see if an x-ray is necessary and if it is, we will work to take one quickly and easily. We examine the x-ray and your teeth to determine the root cause of the actual problem. You will then have treatment administered while you’re in the office, as this helps to prevent the problem from getting worse. We will prescribe antibiotics if there is an active infection present at the time of your appointment.


If you think you might have an emergency and want to come in to see someone, call our office today and our helpful staff members can further assist you.

Dental emergencies can be stressful, and at Turlock Dental Care we do our best to provide emergency dentistry services with our same-day appointments. Our doctors and staff care about your family, and we want our patients to be able to be seen as soon as possible when they are experiencing a dental emergency. Our friendly staff listens carefully to our patients to provide the very best care. We offer a comfortable environment and only use the latest technology to make treatment easy. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, we encourage you to contact Turlock Dental Care.

Common Dental Emergencies




Prolonged tooth pain can indicate decay, abscess, or an infection. Any infection should be treated right away and is typically caused by bacteria or decay. While you wait to be seen a cold compress can be applied to the outside of your mouth to alleviate pain and swelling. Our doctors can help treat the infected area and repair and restore your tooth.




If you have an infection in the mouth, on the gums, or teeth, this must be treated right away. Infections can spread to other areas of the mouth or body if not treated promptly. Warm water can be used to rinse the area and keep it clean until you are seen by our doctors.


Chipped or Broken Teeth


Chips on the front or back teeth can happen from trauma or biting down on a hard object. If you have experienced a tooth that is chipped or cracked, we encourage you to contact Turlock Dental Care right away. We recommend patients save any tooth fragments and bring them to their appointment. Gauze can be placed in the mouth to slow any bleeding until you are seen. We offer both cosmetic and restorative services such as dental bonding to help repair the tooth and restore your smile.


Tooth Knocked Out or Loose


If you have suffered facial trauma and have a loose tooth or a tooth that has been completely knocked out, this requires emergency dental care. If your tooth is loose, we recommend leaving it in place until you are seen by our doctors. Try and locate any missing teeth if possible, and bring the teeth with you to your appointment. Turlock Dental Care offers many teeth replacement options to choose from, and our doctors can help you choose an option that fits both your needs and budget.


Dental Restoration Is Loose or has Fallen Out


Dental restorations last for years, but can become loose over time and even fall out. This type of emergency requires urgent care to prevent further damage or infection. If you can locate the missing crown, please bring it with you to your appointment. Our doctors will replace the restoration, or fit you with a new crown to restore your tooth.


Excessive Bleeding


If you have excessive bleeding due to trauma, gum disease, or previous oral surgery, this must be treated right away. We recommend placing pressure with a cold compress on the area until you are seen by one of our doctors. This should help to stop or slow the bleeding and help with swelling.


Turlock Dental Care offers flexible scheduling and same-day appointments to handle any dental emergency. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and caring staff will have you seen right away.


Dental emergencies must always be treated promptly to avoid complications or tooth loss. Our team of doctors provides exceptional care, and our patients can trust they are in the very best hands when they visit our office. Knowing you can call your dentist in an emergency is very important, and our team at Turlock Dental Care is always available.

Are You Experiencing A Dental Emergency?


If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Turlock, CA, and need urgent care contact Turlock Dental Care. Our friendly staff will ensure you are seen right away, and our team of doctors can treat your emergency quickly. We know how important choosing a dentist is for your family, and Turlock Dental Care only provides the very best service.


Contact us today to schedule your same-day appointment by calling Turlock Dental Care.

Emergency Dentistry FAQs

What is a dental emergency?

Any tooth-related problem that requires immediate treatment qualifies as a dental emergency. This could be an injury with excessive bleeding, knocking a tooth out, or severe and unrelenting pain. Seeing an emergency dentist can save your teeth and relieve your pain.

What are the most common dental emergencies?

Broken or cracked teeth, knocking a tooth out, painful abscesses, or other severe tooth pain are the most common dental emergencies. If you experience any of these, getting treatment quickly can make a world of difference.

How long can a tooth infection go untreated?

The maximum period that an abscessed tooth can go untreated is around 12 months. However, this comes with dangers such as sepsis and in rare extreme cases, death. Seeing an emergency dentist ensures you get treatment for a tooth infection in time to save you and your teeth.

Can an emergency room perform dental procedures?

Emergency rooms can mitigate the pain and bleeding for a dental emergency, but for most cases, it is illegal for anyone but a dentist to perform dental emergency procedures.

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