Dr. Robert A. McCulla and our friendly dental team happily use Cari-Scan to examine your teeth and detect cavities, even if they are too small to see.

We do everything we can to help you prevent major dental issues. This dental technology gives our dentist the chance to detect decayed teeth at the early and treatable stages of development. During your appointment at Turlock Dental Care, our dentist will use this tool to gently and carefully scan your entire oral cavity. While this is done, the machine will notify and inform us of the current condition of your teeth. We want to give you the best possible dental care in Turlock, California, and we believe that is possible with our Cari-Scan technology.

If you ever have any questions about the current technology we use at our office, we are happy to answer them as accurately as possible. Please feel free to contact us today at 209-667-7889! If it is needed, we also offer office tours for those who prefer to see the technology and see how it works. We want you to feel comfortable and confident about your dental care, and we are happy to make that happen by being here to answer any of your questions. We look forward to talking with you!