If you ever experience a dental emergency in Turlock, California, we ask that you call Turlock Dental Care as soon as possible. Our team is here to provide the best dental care possible, even in situations where emergency care may be needed. If you cannot come into our office right away, we recommend doing the following things:

  • Knocked-out tooth: If you knock a tooth out of your mouth, we ask that you retrieve the tooth and hold it by the crown, which is the visible portion of the tooth that was shown when it was in your mouth. You can then rinse the tooth off but please do not scrub the surfaces. If you can, place the tooth back into its socket without forcing it. If this is not possible, put it into a cup of milk or a cup of water with a pinch of table salt. Please try and see your dental professional within one hour of the tooth falling out of your mouth.
  • Lost filling: If you have lost a dental filling, we suggest placing sugar-free gum into the hole of your tooth until you can come into our office. You can also use over-the-counter dental cement to fill the hole as a temporary measure.
  • Lost crown: If you have lost your dental crown, we recommend applying clove oil to the sensitive area to dull any discomfort you may be feeling. If you can, place dental cement or toothpaste over your tooth and slide the crown back into place. Please do not use superglue. When you come into our office, make sure to bring your dental crown with you.
  • Extruded tooth: If you have a partially dislodged tooth, we recommend coming into our office as soon as you can. Until then, you can place a cold ice pack outside of the affected area to reduce swelling and to dull any pain. You can also take an over-the-counter pain medication if it is needed.

If any of these or other dental emergencies happen, please call us at 209-667-7889 as soon as you can. Our dentist, Dr. Robert A. McCulla, will go above and beyond to help you in any way possible.