Many people suffer from sleep apnea, and our dentists and team are thrilled to provide sleep apnea treatment in Turlock, California, to help you treat the condition.

Initial Patient Sleep Screening

Advanced Patient Sleep Screening

If you are someone who wakes up in the middle of the night because of your snoring habits, you could be suffering from sleep apnea. Our team at Turlock Dental Care is happy to offer an appliance you can wear at night that will prevent snoring. This mouth guard-type product will keep your oral muscles from collapsing throughout the night and will help you have a full night’s rest. This will not only prevent your snoring habits but will also open your airways and provide your body with the oxygen it needs to function properly. We offer both oral appliances and mandibular advancement devices to do the job.

In order to find the proper solution to sleep apnea, we are happy to provide a take-home sleep study that will give us the information we need. This is an accurate and simple way of diagnosing any problems you have and improving the way you sleep at night.

If you are interested in our treatment, please call our office today at 209-667-7889 and set up an appointment with our dentists, Dr. Robert A. McCulla or Dr. Zachary McComb! We look forward to helping you.