The Basic Tips for Taking Care of a Temporary Crown

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When your dentist, Dr. Robert A. McCulla, secures a temporary dental crown in your smile, it is only intended to protect the abutment while the dental lab prepares your new dental crown or bridge. It does not actually restore the full function of the tooth. If the temporary crown comes loose, falls off or is damaged in any way, it could cause significant harm to the abutment and cause major complications.

It’s best to avoid eating sticky foods or chewing gum with your temporary crown. This could cause enough suction to pull the temporary crown loose. Chewing hard and crunchy foods also poses a threat because they could actually crack the crown and damage the sensitive abutment inside.

Maintaining healthy gums will help you ensure that the permanent crown seats comfortably on top of the gums. This means that you will need to brush and floss the temporary crown, just like you would any other tooth in your mouth. If you’re having problems working the strand of floss in place, you might want to use a brand of waxed dental floss.

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