The Danger of Missing Fillings

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Fillings are intended to repair modest areas of tooth decay. While they are intended to last a long time, the bacteria in your mouth can slowly exploit the cement holding them into place. In some situations, the bacteria work into the healthy enamel between the filling and the remaining healthy enamel.

Should this pocket of decay go undetected it could penetrate the pulp or root of the tooth leading to serious complications. Left unchecked it could cause a total loss of the tooth or a dangerous abscess infection in your gums.

Dr. Robert A. McCulla will start by examining the tooth and taking a few X-rays to get a clear understanding of the extent of the decay. Then they will them use a drill to remove all compromised and decayed structures of the tooth. A rubbery, yet firm material called gutta percha is then inserted into the extracted structures to form an abutment.

Dr. Robert A. McCulla will form an impression of the abutment, the neighboring teeth and the corresponding teeth in your bite. The impression is given to a dental lab, to serve as a guide while they make a custom crown. At the end of the appointment, they will secure a hard plastic temporary crown over the abutment to protect it.

Dr. Robert A. McCulla will call you back in for a brief second appointment, when the dental lab has completed the crown. During this appointment they removes the temporary crown and cements your crown over the new abutment.

If you have a bad filling, unaddressed tooth decay, or a tooth causing your pain, you shouldn’t hesitate to call Dr. Robert A. McCulla at 209-667-7889 to schedule an appointment.