The Purpose of Digital X-rays

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Dental professionals use dental X-rays as a vital tool in evaluating the quality of your dental health. Here at Turlock Dental Care, we utilize digital X-ray technology to understand and treat your oral health needs faster and more comfortably than ever before.

Dental X-rays come in different forms with different functions, including:

– Periapical X-rays show the tooth in its entirety, from the crown to the ends of the roots – Bitewing X-rays show the crown portion of the tooth, from jawbone to cusp

– Occlusal X-rays show the overall structure of your teeth, including the upper and lower jaws

With digital radiography, the process of taking dental X-rays become quicker and more convenient because, instead of using film, a digital sensor produces images of your teeth and jaws. This cuts down on radiation and eliminates the use of chemicals in developing the images. Our team also uses digital X-rays when planning in-depth dental procedures such as root canal therapy or dental implant placement.

To learn more about the purpose of digital X-rays in Turlock, California, call 209-667-7889 today and schedule a time to speak with our friendly dentist, Dr. Robert A. McCulla. We look forward to providing you with a better understanding of your dental health as we work toward the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve!