Whitening Strips Can Help Maintain Your Smile After a Professional Bleaching Treatment

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The professional bleaching treatment offered by Dr. Robert A. McCulla is the most effective way to whiten your teeth. But even after your teeth have been professionally whitened you will still need to maintain their brightness by some means. In time, minor surface stains caused by dark foods and beverages can actually set deep into the tooth enamel, dulling your smile once again.

Using whitening strips is a popular and convenient way to maintain your white smile. You can wear them while you go about your day, and the clear plastic will make it hard for the casual observer to see. It’s important to remember that the topical hydrogen peroxide in the strips is only strong enough to whiten minor surface stains.

When you are shopping for whitening strips, you should always look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. The seal proves that the product has been researched and tested to meet rigorous guidelines for safety and effectiveness.

If the stains on your teeth are related to tobacco use, you need to stop the habit or the stains will return in short order. Tobacco stains tooth enamel so easily and deeply that only professional measures like Dr. Robert A. McCulla’s bleaching treatment can remedy them.

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