Why We Offer Zoom! Whitening

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Turlock Dental Care in Turlock, California is proud to offer Zoom! Whitening in-house whitening and take-home whitening treatments. Would you like to know exactly what is so special about Philips Zoom! Whitening?

Let’s talk about the in-practice teeth whitening first. This Zoom! product can make your smile up to six shades whiter in 45 minutes or less – with little to no tooth sensitivity. Your treatment will start with Dr. Robert A. McCulla checking your current shade. We will then prepare your mouth and apply a coating of the gel to your teeth. We will then shine a blue LED light onto your teeth. This is repeated three times, after which a post treatment gel will be applied to reduce your sensitivity. You’ll also get some customized trays and a whitening kit to take home, so you can keep your smile bright.

The take home treatments can offer you a whiter smile in just one or two weeks. Dr. Robert A. McCulla will make you a custom-fit dental tray and gel. You simply put a small amount of gel into each impression, place the trays over your teeth, and hold them there until the prescribed time is over. Then brush your teeth and enjoy your brighter smile. The amount of time you spend with the trays will depend upon the results you desire and Dr. Robert A. McCulla’s recommendation.

If you would like to learn more about getting a Zoom! Whitening treatment, just call us at 209-667-7889 to set up an appointment. We’d be thrilled to see you!