Dr. Robert A. McCulla and our team are thrilled to offer braces in Turlock, California, to children, teens and adults who wish to transform their smile from bland to brilliant!

Braces are metal appliances that add pressure to your teeth and gradually shift them into the desired positions over time. Metal brackets will be glued to the surfaces of your teeth and those brackets will be connected by a metal wire. If your jaw needs a readjustment, your orthodontic process will also involve the use of rubber bands. The rubber bands will be placed on specific brackets to apply the needed pressure to your jaw to reposition the bone. We also offer rubber bands to decorate your braces in any way you would like. This is a great way to customize the appliance to your liking.

Throughout your orthodontic treatment, you will come into Turlock Dental Care every so often and get your braces tightened. This is a very important step of the process because it will make your teeth continually shift. When you have braces, your teeth will adjust to the pressure the appliances apply to them and they will no longer move. When you come into our office to get your braces tightened, our dentist will reapply the pressure to help the process along.

To learn more about braces, we invite you to give our office a call today at 209-667-7889! We look forward to answering any questions you might have.