TMD/TMJ Treatment

At Turlock Dental Care we care about both your oral and overall health, and our TMD/TMJ treatment can relieve pain, and correct the position of your jaw to prevent clenching, grinding, and pressure.

Benefits of TMD/TMJ Treatment

Both TMD/TMJ cause pain, headaches, and stiffness in the jaw, and can affect both eating and speaking. If these conditions are left untreated your symptoms can progress and this can cause damage or inflammation to your jaw. Treating both TMD/TMJ can help your overall health and wellbeing, and at Turlock Dental Care we offer both bite guards and splints to treat TMD/TMJ.

Why Choose TMD/TMJ Treatment at Turlock Dental Care?

Alleviate Pain and Discomfort

TMD/TMJ cause pain in the jaw and this can cause frequent headaches and neck pain. Other symptoms include joint stiffness and back pain. Treating TMD/TMJ can alleviate pain and discomfort and allow your jaw to function normally again.

Prevent Damage to Your Teeth

Both TMD/TMJ can cause the joints in your jaw to become inflamed or damaged. These conditions can cause additional stress or clenching and grinding of the jaw, which can cause further pressure on the area. Treating TMD/TMJ can prevent additional damage, allow you to eat normally again, and alleviate any pain or discomfort.

Increase Quality of Life

If your jaw pain is constant this can have an impact on your quality of life, and cause mood changes or depression. Treating TMD/TMJ can get you back to feeling healthy, provide headache relief, allow you to sleep soundly, and enjoy all of the foods you love.

Avoid Complications

Leaving TMD or TMJ untreated can lead to sinus or ear problems, and this can cause sleep difficulty. Treating both of these conditions can avoid complications from developing in the future.

Treating TMD/TMJ can allow you to live a healthy lifestyle and get you back to feeling yourself again. Turlock Dental Care provides the very best care, and our patients trust that they will be taken care of. Don’t live with jaw pain anymore, talk to one of our representatives about our treatment options. We know you will be happy choosing Turlock Dental Care for your TMJ or TMD treatment.

Treatments For TMJ Disorder in Turlock, CA at Turlock Dental Care

Turlock Dental Care offers treatments to help treat TMD/TMJ. Our consultation process will include a detailed exam to determine the severity of your TMJ or TMD. We will also take a look at your existing bite and restorations to ensure no dental work is needed. If a patient has a crown that needs replacement or is missing teeth, this can cause jaw problems. Dental problems should be addressed to help correct your bite and assist in treating TMD/TMJ. If dental work is needed, our doctors will create a customized treatment plan and recommend which treatment will work best.


We offer prescribed medications to help ease your pain and allow the jaw muscles to relax. This medication helps you avoid clenching your jaw and relieves stress to prevent TMD.


Nighttime mouthguards can help position your teeth and tongue to prevent clenching and grinding. This can allow you to sleep soundly and will prevent both TMD/TMJ.


Splints work similarly to a mouthguard by positioning your teeth and tongue correctly to avoid TMD/TMJ. This device can be worn both day and night to alleviate TMD/TMJ. The severity of each patient’s condition will determine how often our doctors will recommend wearing the device.

Dental Work

During our exam process, our doctors will check existing restorations and determine if any dental work is needed to help correct your bite. Making sure your teeth and jaw are functioning properly is important in treating TMD/TMJ. If you require dental work our doctors will discuss the recommended procedures with you.

Temporomandibular joint disorders include problems with the jaw and muscles in the face and can cause pain or discomfort. This condition can be caused by injury, or from grinding or clenching the jaw. Symptoms include pain, locked jaw, problems chewing, headaches, and jaw clicking. Treating TMD/TMJ can help you feel better, and can allow your jaw and mouth to function normally again. At Turlock Dental Care we care about both your oral and overall health, and our TMD/TMJ treatment can relieve pain, and correct the position of your jaw to prevent clenching, grinding, and pressure.

Are You Looking for Jaw Pain Relief in Turlock ,CA?

If you have problems with your jaw or suffer from constant jaw pain, contact Turlock Dental Care. Patient health is our priority, and we provide dental care you can trust. Turlock Dental Care uses the latest technology and equipment and only provides the very best service. Don’t suffer in pain anymore, and let Turlock Dental Care help you get jaw pain relief with our TMD/TMJ treatment options.

To schedule an appointment with us, contact Turlock Dental Care, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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I came in and I felt so welcomed with the lady I met up front. The assistant and hygienist was so amazing and made me feel so comfortable. And then the dr he was awesome I will definitely make this my new home!


The staff here is always happy to help me with my questions and concerns.

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